Mikhail Khodorkovsky Names Lord Jacob Rothschild As Ultimate Beneficial Owner

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Monday, May 27, 2024 - 22:07

Global Intel Hub - Knoxville, TN -- In a groundbreaking interview, former Russian Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has named none other than Lord Jacob Rothschild (deceased) as the ultimate beneficial shareholder of Russian interests during Privatization.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was a chaotic asset grab, with many intelligence agencies, power players, and other interests with their hands in the pie.  The situation came to a climax at a meeting where Putin made an agreement with the Oligarch class, and that power structure rules to this day.  Putin, representing the political power, and the Oligarchs, representing the economic power.

You can read further highlights in the translated article here.  Other topics include Prigozhin, Navalny, and the evolution of the Russian economic and political system.

We've broken down our analysis in a short video here:

They also discuss Boris Yeltzin, and the nature of the Russian political system.  If you think that this topic is not relevant, consider that US taxpayers are funding a war, with no goal or endgame.  Thousands of people are dying, and millions are suffering, with no real benefit to either side.  Many are asking "Why?" and to understand this answer we must first understand what Russia is, and what Russia was, and that means looking at sources other than what CNN is spoon-feeding us.

If Rothschild has a hand in Russia, that makes perspective on the war in Ukraine seemingly Ridiculous, considering they not only support Ukraine explicitly, they are holding the sovereign debt since 2015.  Ironically, 2015/2015 was the same time period where the West got involved in Ukraine.  Is this a case of the Roths playing both sides, as they did in the Napoleanic wars?  Or is this a case of an angry Rothschild that was shut out of Russia, using Ukraine to weaken Russia?

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