UN and WEF Will Stop at Nothing to Crush Dissenters

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by Capitalist Exploits
Friday, Jun 07, 2024 - 8:48


You may recall us highlighting the new Slovakian PM Robert Fico. Here is a clip I shared with you soon after his appointment.

Slovak PM Fico no longer in life-threatening condition after being shot, minister says

Here’s how the Australian Government’s propaganda arm ABC news described him:

Riding that wave of public opinion, Fico has transformed from a pro-European Union interventionist to a fierce nationalist parroting Russian anti-western rhetoric.

Suddenly “nationalism” is bad. When it’s not to their liking, that is. The other word that’s been hijacked is “populist.” Isn’t democracy about the “popular vote?” I dunno, I’m just a hedge fund manager, so what do I know?

What else?

  • Fico earned NATO’s ire after vowing to block the delivery of weapons to Ukraine during his latest run for office. Fico has also expressed dissatisfaction with Bratislava’s defence pact with Washington, promising to review it.
  • Fico has expressed fervent opposition to Ukraine’s membership in NATO and said he believes Russia began its military operation as a result of neo-Nazis running rampant in Ukraine.
  • Fico has warned that Western military assistance to Ukraine will only prolong the crisis and increase the number of victims and has accused foreign forces of meddling in the conflict, which “could have been extinguished at the very beginning.”
  • Fico believes anti-Russian sanctions have “negatively affected” the lives of ordinary Slovaks.
  • Fico has been bashed by European legacy media as a left-wing populist analogue of Hungarian right-wing populist Viktor Orban, with outlets pulling out all the stops to accuse him of “democratic backsliding” and “flouting European norms,” including over his push to reform the criminal code.
  • The Slovak PM has also made enemies with powerful European political and business interests, promising to launch an independent inquiry into the EU’s authoritarian pandemic-era policies.

Andrew Tate succinctly highlighted what most intelligent thinking people now understand.

The Message Here Is Crystal Clear

If you diverge from the globalist agenda spearheaded by the UN and the WEF, there are no lengths they will not go to in order to achieve their ends.

This, my friends, is the death throes of a flailing indebted, corrupted system that is attempting to move from socialism into Marxism. I don’t think it’s going to work, but that doesn’t mean that the process will be orderly. It is proving to be rather disorderly as we can see.

This disorder and chaos is at least fantastic for our portfolios. You may as well make money from the tragedy unfolding.

- Capitalist Exploits (Insider #295)

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