Witness Discusses Project Paperclip In Huntsville, AL Origins Of US Space Program

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Tuesday, Jul 02, 2024 - 0:35

Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 7/1/2024 -- As the Space race continues to rage and private companies like SpaceX leading the way, many researchers are interested in the origins and history of how we got where we are today.  In a fascinating expose by Blogger Peter Santenello, we listen to key witnesses who are the blood relatives of "The Team" or actual Germans who worked for the Nazi government at Peenemunde, and were relocated to Huntsville, AL.

Checkout the full 1 hour episode here:

The guy on the left, Dr. Warner Von Braun, said in 1954 a guy on the right "Elon" would take us to mars.  He wrote a detailed guidebook on how that would happen, and the above witness "Theo" has a signed copy in the back of his car.  That's super interesting.

Some have speculated that German control of NASA was actually a cover to fund a breakaway secret space program in Antarctica, which still could be in operation today.  Clark McClelland, was NASA's sole "SCO" or Spacecraft Operator, who had the pleasure of interacting with every Astronaut, every visitor to Cape Canaveral, as he was responsible for the spaceflights (including an interesting interaction with JFK, also Irish).  Paperclip has such deep implications for the true history of USA, including the false narrative that was launched immediately after World War 2.

This is not a conclusive analysis, just an exciting discovery of a datapoint, which we are going to explore more (going to Huntsville, AL!).

How does this impact markets?  SpaceX is a 210 Bn company leading the way of Space development, based on the original designs of the German (Nazi) Paperclip scientists.  The government has handed over the top secret development projects to private companies.  Blue Origin, and others are failing miserably, while SpaceX continues to rocket higher.  These are the questions we should be asking, such as, why were the Germans so far advanced and lost the war?  Considering their advancements in rockets and even had the first ICBMs and fired V2's in Europe during World War 2, how could they lose?  Did they really lose, or did they cut a deal and merge with the United States, and they certainly came with open arms.  For those who want a detailed history lesson, checkout these books, starting with IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation

When you're finished with that, which is a work so detailed and well researched, they had hundreds of German speaking researchers pouring through documents, checkout:

Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination  

And then..

Space! The Final Frontier: Secrets NASA Doesn't Want You To Know

Connect the dots, we're not going to come out and say it for you (we did that once, in 2017, and had our life threatened.. )

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