Biden Regime Operatives Stalk Journalist, Block Interviews With Voters at Campaign Stop

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Tuesday, Jul 02, 2024 - 16:20

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

The Most Transparent Administration in History™, as the marketing slogan goes, is now, right out in the open, in broad daylight, hounding journalists — even state-sanctioned journalists from the beloved New York Times — so as to prevent them from discovering and reporting that voters have eyes and ears, who were none too impressed with the Brandon entity’s on-stage total apocalyptic meltdown last Thursday night.

Via The Daily Caller (emphasis added):

Reporters claimed Friday that President Joe Biden’s campaign staffers tried to halt their interviews with voters once they started to turn critical of the president following a rough debate showing…

In the aftermath of the first presidential debate, several reporters claimed that while at campaign events with voters on Friday, Biden campaign staffers tried to cut off the conversation as they moved in a negative direction.

As I spoke to voters at a Las Vegas rally for Vice President Harris, a Nevada Biden campaign staffer followed me and twice asked that voters end their interviews when their comments turned critical of President Biden,’ Simon Levien, a New York Times reporter, wrote.

‘You can’t tell me that there’s not anyone better —' a voter told Levien, expressing the desire for a different Democratic presidential candidate.

‘We’re at a Joe Biden event, so I’m going to cut you off there, sorry,’ a Biden staffer told Levien, cutting the interview off.”

It goes without saying that Simon Levien of the New York Times, former editor of the Harvard Crimson, is on one’s MAGA domestic terrorist Deplorable or whatever.

Which begs the question: after having watched Brandon regime operatives rig interviews with scripted questions, slip the Brandon entity pre-written notecards with journalists’ names and pre-written questions at press events, and allowing it to give the fewest press conferences of any president on record — why now?

The Brandon regime interfering with and gaslighting the media is not new information.

So why does the Ides of March come in July?

Why is Jake Tapper — milquetoast eunuch extraordinaire — suddenly asking tough questions of regime officials on national television?

I predict more and more stories and interviews like this will emerge in the coming weeks if the Brandon entity’s handlers continue to refuse to concede the nomination to a more effective puppet currently on ice.

Public pressure aside, they might just decide to kill the alleged president and blame it on domestic terrorists in a two-fer. Alex Jones has predicted this. I imagine that story might be a bit too dramatic for a public increasingly skeptical of official narratives to swallow, but let’s not be naïve enough to assume the “nuclear option,” as it were, is not on the table.

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