Canada’s “climate change” envoy racked up over $250,000 in luxury travel expenses

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Tuesday, Jul 09, 2024 - 2:16

Via The New Daily Bell

In August 2022, the Libreral government appointed Catherine Stewart as Canada’s “Ambassador For Climate Change”. In the words of Justin Trudeau at the time of her appointment, Stewart would

“drive Canada’s continued collaboration with the international community to build a clean, healthy future for everyone – here in Canada and beyond”

And drive collaboration she did – to the tune of over a quarter million dollars worth of luxury hotel stays, and business class airfare. In one notable instance, Stewart billed the taxpayers of this country over $10,000 for a three day jaunt from Toronto to Ottawa including airfare and $323 a night room at the Sheraton Centre Hotel to attend a climate conference “to promote Canada’s clean growth.”

The flight to Ottawa from Toronto is about 45 minutes, or an hour gate-to-gate. There are flights every hour from both Pearson and Billy Bishop for a few hundred bucks each way, and maybe a grand for business class. If you deduct the luxury hotel ($900) from the total tab, it leaves $9,000 – which really can only mean one thing: private jet.

Stewart is taking one for the team, flying first class, or even private, staying in luxury hotels all over Europe, while attending climate emergency confabs so you won’t have to (that’s if you’re permitted to travel at all)

This is just the latest episode of climate hypocrisy from the Canadian government.

A few weeks ago Health Minister  Mark Holland went on an unhinged rant on the floor of the House of Commons, demonizing Canadians for taking their children on car trips for summer holidays



This, coming from a government who’s never missed an opportunity for a motorcade …or a private jet:



So while Canada’s climate conscious political apparatchiks live large on your tax dollars, you’ll soon be able to eat bugs and live in a 15 city for the rest of your life.

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