$21 Billion In 10 Year Bonds Sold In Unremarkable Auction

The stellar 3 Year bond auction from yesterday is a memory, as Treasury prices $21 billion in very much unmemorable 10 year reopening. At 1.764%, the high yield was a tale to the 1.760% When Issued, and the highest yield since May 2012. The Bid To Cover also was also rather weak, at 2.85, well below the TTM average 3.07. Internals were also unspectacular with Indirects taking down a well below average 36.2%, compared to 41.94% avg in the past 12 auctions, Dealers taking down 52.2%, and Directs responsible for the rest or 11.6%. All in all very much a run off the mill auction, which takes us two thirds of the way to raising a net $28 billion in new debt this week, and closing just why of $16.1 trillion in debt (yes, it does seem like we just crossed the $16,000,000,000,000 barrier yesterday).


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