A $2.3 Million Bet On UniCredit Unihilation

Last week it was Bank of America, when someone bought $2 million in November $4 Puts, today it is the Italian equivalent: UniCredit, where someone just put on (no pun intended) a $2.3 million bet expiring in just under 4 months, that the bank will be trading far lower. Earlier in the European trading session, someone bought a standalone block of 10,000 0.9 puts, a whopper in the context of traditional volume. The sizable block purchase was more of a statement than anything. In fact, the block sent the put class abuzz, with the puts being the most active on the Milan equity-options market. Granted, it could have taken place with more leverage (i.e., lower strike), but even so, we are confident many will wonder who is this serial put buyer of doomed financials, which continue existing either courtesy of private market capital raises, or regulatory intervention which prevents their shorting to death. Incidentally, isn't put buying prohibited? After all, this is treason and stuff as per the latest directives of Securitate.

And the block trade itself:


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