$32 Billion 3 Year Bonds Sold At Rate Below 3 Month Libor

Earlier today we reported that 3 Month USD Libor hit a year high of 0.343%, jumping from 0.338% on Friday. The reason we bring this up is that the US Treasury just priced $32 billion in 3 Year Bonds (chart 1 below) at a yield that is below that of 3 Month Libor. As for what that means we leave the explanation to anyone who believes that a 0.000% on the 30 Year (which courtesy of Operation TurboTorque we may soon see) is perfectly normal. For those who prefer empirical evidence, the last time this spread inverted was back in early 2009 before the Fed bailed out the world for the first time (chart 2 below). Now, on the question who bails out the world this time around, with all the central banks "all in" already, we are not too sure. Either way, completing the auction details, was a Bid to Cover of 3.148, slighly lower than recent averages, a Dealer take down of 53.7%, or more than half, and Indirects accounting for 35.7% or about their average. The non-eventfulness of the auction was confirmed by the lack of tail, with the When Issued trading at 0.34% at 1pm.

Auction breakdown:

And the difference between the 3 Year and the 3 Month USD Libor. After almost three years, we have just gone red:

Chart: Bloomberg