40 Wall Street: John Corzine's Latest Office Space?

While nearly three months after the MF Global bankruptcy nobody still has any idea where the billion + in commingled client money has gone, nor why Corzine is still out and about walking freely, the former CEO of both Goldman, MF Global and New Jersey is rumored to be looking for office space at 40 Wall. Reports the WSJ: " Jon S. Corzine, who resigned as chief executive of MF Global Holdings Ltd. shortly after the securities firm collapsed in October, recently has been looking for office space in Manhattan, according to people familiar with the situation. One of the locations he seems interested in: brokerage firm John Carris Investments, at 40 Wall St., around the corner from the New York Stock Exchange, these people said. Employees at the small firm have been told that the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. chairman and New Jersey governor might drop by, one person familiar with the situation said." Ostensibly, the space would be in the form of a sublet from John Carris. Which is great: finally all those thousands of people who still have no recourse to their cash will know precisely where to find Jon and express their gratitude and his pillaging of their investments in a failed attempt to cover up his stupidity.

It appears the Corzine-Carris ties may not be just office-space deep:

Joseph Principe, senior managing director at John Carris, declined to comment. Mr. Corzine hasn't made a decision, but he knows at least one of the securities firm's executives from earlier in his career, said a person familiar with Mr. Corzine's thinking.


One more connection between Mr. Corzine and John Carris: A list of recent transactions on the securities firm's website includes securities offerings for AMP Holding Inc., a Loveland, Ohio, designer of electric-vehicle conversion systems. Maggie Moran, an AMP director, was Mr. Corzine's deputy chief of staff when he was New Jersey governor, according to a March 2011 securities filing by the company. Another director, Nancy Dunlap, oversaw "all personal investment and legal affairs of Mr. Corzine" since 1999, according to the same filing.


At the time, Ms. Dunlap was planning to join Mr. Corzine at MF Global as a vice president, the filing said. It isn't clear whether she went through with the job. Ms. Dunlap and Ms. Moran couldn't be reached for comment. AMP declined to comment.

Considering the wake of bankruptcy and outright destrcution left in his wake, we are furiously trying to determine just which CMBS tranches the 40 Wall property is part of and shorting it all in. After all if Corzine is involved a complete and utter failure is sure to follow. We are also certain the Feds will be delighted to know just where Corzine can be found 9 to 5pm in the off chance that someone finally decides the kindly bearded gentleman should be brought in for some less than "honorable" congressional questioning, where those doing the "asking" are just as guilty.