580 Morgan Stanley Soon To Be Former-Employees Learn They Are Redundant Courtesy Of The Dept Of Labor

Previously it was Credit Suisse and Citigroup. Now it is Morgan Stanley's turn, as 580 employees in the firm's three New York office learn they are about to get the boot courtesy not of the HR department but the DOL's WARN website, which just happens to be the best real-time indicator for observing the transition of the soon to be former 1% into the 99%.

From WARN:

Date of Notice:  12/27/2011


Control Number: 2011-0193


Rapid Response Specialist:  Linda Foehr


Reason Stated for Filing:  Plant Layoffs


Morgan Stanley (Various NYC sites)
1221 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY  10020


County:  New York | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY| Region: New York City


Contact: Eric Kayne, Human Resources


Phone: (212) 762-9804


Business Type:  Financial services


Number Affected:  580 in all locations


Total Employees:  -----     


Layoff Date: Rolling layoffs beginning on 12/15/2011


Closing Date: ----- 


Reason for Dislocation:  Economic


ERNUM:  -----


Union:   -----


Classification:  Plant Layoff


Other Morgan Stanley locations affected:

1 New York Plaza, New York, NY
1585 Broadway, New York, NY
750 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY