AAPL Hits Lucky Number $700

With a NASDAQ-100 weighting rapidly approaching the critical 24% level (and probably considerably higher in most fund manager's 'diversified' portfolios given its outperformance), the media excitement over pre-orders this morning has pushed the stock-of-all-stocks up over 1.1% to breach the magical $700 level just after the day session closed.


Here's the 'logic' (should that interject itself); pre-orders are around 2 million iPhone 5s at around $250 each - assuming a 50% margin means the company made $200 million in profit - and for that the market cap rose over $7 billion! (and don't say ecosystem since the majority of these 2 million are likely already in the AAPL ecosystem - as they roll their iPhone 4 contracts).


Seems reasonable eh? We are just stunned that this efficient market had not priced in the fact that pre-orders would hit their target! lol...