Alfred Little Strikes At Latest "Brazen Fraud" - Harbin Electric (NASDAQ:HRBN)

Harbin Electric is no stranger to controversy, and its stockholders over the past two years can be forgiven if they believe that jumping on a Six Flags rollercoaster may have been a little more fun, and potentially far more profitable. Well, to keep it interesting, here comes famed Chinese fraudcap hunter Alfred Little with its latest piece, this time alleging that not only long-time target DEER, but also HRBN, "committed multi-million dollar land fraud." Specifically, "In the case of HRBN, management claims they paid $23 million cash as of June 30th, 2011 as a deposit on $38 million of land use rights priced at 500,000 RMB per Mu, double the government’s offering price." Little continues: "Our report today provides concrete evidence consisting of multiple recorded phone calls, on site visits and emails with government officials proving beyond any doubt that HRBN and DEER are both guilty of conducting very similar fraudulent land use rights purchase schemes to steal money from their shareholders. HRBN’s auditor, Frazer Frost, failed to respond to our attempt to share our findings last week." And now is the time for the porn addicts to finally stand up and do something proactive instead of letting to blogosphere do their work for them: "This morning we handed over all our evidence to officials at NASDAQ and the SEC prior to publishing this report. We are hopeful regulators will halt HRBN and DEER until their financials are restated to reflect reality, in the same manner as PUDA and CTE were immediately halted after we published our findings (here) and (here)." The final nail: "In this report we prove that HRBN and DEER’s land frauds are just as brazen as the fraud conducted by PUDA and CTE and thus deserve the same fate." Longs have been warned.

Full report (pdf)



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