And In The Category For Biggest Conspiracy Theory We Have....

Two and a half years after consistently and methodically exposing one conspiracy after another (and by the way, once it is proven to be a fact, it is no longer a conspiracy), we were stunned to find that the biggest conspiracy theory is none other than... Zero Hedge. "Zero Hedge, for example, is one that lots of hedge funds look at, lots of money managers look at, and the guy that runs it has their ear. Now I'm not saying that he is not doing his own proprietary work, but, people like to plant stories in there. [cue ominous silence]." TA DUN DUN.

Gee - one does learn something new every day.

And now, back to planting malicious rumors and vile, incorrect stories of ponzi schemes, broken markets, deranged vacuum tubes, plundered tungsten bars, BLS data manipulation, collapsing Nielsen ratings, hyperinflationary obsessive-compulsive printing habits, global central planner intervention and what not.

Also, to anyone who still doesn't get it, please send your dodecatuple secret "plant" stories to plant@zerohedge[.]com along with your payment made in physical gold Zimbabwean dollars, to be delivered to our paper street headquarters. We certainly would prefer it if the drop man is Bank of America's James Mahoney.