And G-Pap Is Gone...

Headlines only, via To Vima, for now but G-Pap appears to have lived up to his word for now with L-Pap taking over. Lucas Papademos will be the new PM with Venizelos and Dimas as deputies. We still don't have a formal announcement from the government: it wouldn't be the first time a Greek media outlet has frontrun the desired outcome...

And for those who missed it yesterday, here is a repeat of L-Pap's profile.

Say hello to L-Pap, the lateset Fed puppet in Europe

From the Telegraph:

Mr Papademos, 65, is a widely respected figure in Greece, with a strong background in both academics and finance.


Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in America during the 1970s, he holds a degree in physics, a masters in electrical engineering and a doctorate in economics.


A distinguished scholar who has published papers on macroeconomic theory and policy, Mr Papademos has held academic positions at Columbia University, Harvard University and the University of Athens.


After a stint at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Mr Papademos joined the Bank of Greece as Chief Economist in 1985, rising to the position of Governor in 1994.


During his time as Governor of the national bank, Mr Papademos was involved in Greece's transition from the drachma to the euro as its national currency.


In a speech made at the Euro Information Conference in 2001, he praised the euro for shielding small economies from the "exogenous shocks" that emanated from the September 11 terrorist attacks in America.


Mr Papademos argued the euro ensured price transparency and increased competition, concluding: "The macroeconomic and microeconomic benefits for Europe and Greece from the introduction of the euro are numerous".  

And last but not least, he has been a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1998.