And Today's Market Ramp Comes Courtesy Of...

... The Eurogroup, which according to various newswires has informally decided to use the EFSF for Spanish financial sector bailout, likely to be transferred to the ESM later according to sources.

It seems that now they are not even trying. Like yesterday when the market idiotically ramped when Merkel said that the ESM and EFSF can do... what they are designed to do, namely buy bonds, so today, we "discover" that because the ESM is actually non-existent, and will be delayed as reported earlier due to German bickering, Europe will be stuck with the far smaller EFSF, which by the way has about €200 billion in dry powder left.

And this ramps the EURUSD by a whopping 40 pips. Thank you flashing red headline for giving another short-term shorting entry point.