Anti-Bailout Coalition Soars In Popularity Ahead Of Second Greek Election

Now that the first parliamentary election vote is meaningless, with no party able to form a coalition government, everyone is focusing on the outcome of the next election, which will take place some time in mid-June. Minutes ago Marc and Alpha (via Reuters) released the results of a poll conducted on Tuesday but just published, and which, if sustained means major trouble for the EMU, because the results show that Anti-bailout Syriza is alone going to have almost as much represented as its two main pro-bailout opponents combined, and confirms that all the other parties are losing voters which instead are going toward the one party that seeks above all, to sever the terms of the Memorandum.

  • Syriza: 23.8%, up from 16.8% in the election
  • New Democracy: 17.4%, down from 18.9%
  • Pasok: 10.8%, down from 13.2%
  • Independent Greeks: 8.7%, down from 10.6%
  • KKE: 6.0%, down from 8.48%
  • Golden Dawn: 4.9%, down from 7%
  • Dimar: 4.0%, down from 6.11%

Or visually:

In other words, more and more Greeks are aligning with the anti-bailout Syriza. If we were Europe we would be worried. Very, very worried.

Or at least installing Diebold voting equipment all across Greece.