Anti-POMO Sees Fed In $9 Billion Bond Sale First

In a first for the Fed, 15 minutes ago the Fed started its first anti-POMO, or outright bond sale, this time for up to $9 billion in bonds due between 01/15/2012 – 07/31/2012. This is liquidity taken out of the market (think reverse repo) and money that can not be used to buy Netflix by the primary dealers. As a result, the recent (massively levered: thank you HFT in FX and 200x margin) surge in the EURUSD would make sense, as the last thing the market needs is for the robots to find a correlation between inverse POMO days and market drops, which would then be front run on any of the next anti-POMO days. The operation will conclude at 11 am EDT. Expect to see an end to the EURUSD rise as soon as the operation is concluded.


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