Are Energy Prices 'Pegged' To Hard Money?

Energy prices are soaring (though down a little this week). However, a strange thing has occurred since the lows in 2009 and the lows in 2011 - both indicative of coordinated and massive central-banking largesse - Oil prices in hard-money have been extremely range-bound. In fact, the price of Oil in Gold and Silver has been rather coincidentally stable over this period - we leave it to the reader to consider the global energy-producing nations' implications of a hard-money 'peg' for energy prices - as Central Banks attempt to inflate their way out of trouble.

Oil - priced in Gold (average 0.0675 oz per barrel of oil - range +/-1.5 sigma)


Oil - priced in Silver (average 3 oz per barrel of oil - range +/-1.5 sigma)


Charts: Bloomberg