Average February Gas Price At All Time High; Follows Record January Gasoline Costs

Since everyone is buying everything that is not nailed down, preferably with both hands, on massive margin if possible, and since the global reflation trade is on full bore following trillions in cheap money dumped by central banks to prevent another re-recession within the broader Depressionary downtrend (offset for the time being only courtesy of $7 trillion in consolidated central bank funny money), it only makes sense that following record January gasoline prices, that February would see an all time high in gas as well (a detailed breakdown can be found at the AAA's website). But fear not: as the laws of supply and demand have also been usurped by the Fed, as has common sense and basic economics, both these data points indicate that Q1 GDP will also come at an all time high, because the entire economy is now purely a reflection of Apple, which as noted previously is almost bigger than the entire retail sector by market cap, and today hit an all time high as well. In fact, we are now seeing a record in new all time highs across the spectrum (if not volume - shhhh about volume), it means that even as IBM just laid off another 1,000 North American employees, that the economy has never been better either.

February gasoline costs:

and January:

Charts courtesy of John Lohman