Bad News For Bank Of America Imminent? Attorney General Says Completing BofA Fraud Analysis

Just out from the office of David Grais of Grais & Ellsworth

July 26, 2011
By Electronic Filing and Hand Delivery
Honorable Barbara R. Kapnick
Supreme Court, New York County 60 Centre Street, Room 208 New York, New York 10007


In re The Bank of New York Mellon, Index No. 651786/2011


Dear Justice Kapnick:


As per the Court’s instructions of yesterday, we prepared the enclosed omnibus proposed order for all intervenors. We conferred with the Trustee, the 22 investors that have already been permitted to intervene as petitioners, and all proposed intervenors that have already filed petitions. If the Court grants the petitions to intervene, all parties and proposed intervenors stipulate to the enclosed form of order. We also conferred, per the Court’s request, with the office of Attorney General of the State of New York. The Attorney General’s office has asked us to inform the Court that it is completing its analysis.




David J. Grais

full motion:


h/t Manal Mehta