The Below Half Monti: Italian Anti-Austerity Push Threatens Technocrat

Since Mario Monti was appointed to replace Berlusconi back in November's coup-de-banker, the parties backing him have lost more than 10% of popular support and, as Bloomberg Businessweek reports, this leaves the four main political groups behind the unelected puppet below 50% for the first time. Just as elsewhere in Europe, support is surging for an anti-austerity bloc as 'The 5 Star Movement' - with a restructure-debt-and-exit-the-Euro stance - has become Italy's second biggest party as technocrat Monti's own popularity has fallen to 33% - less than half the level when he was appointed. The sad truth is no more dramatically highlighted by "the growing discontent with Monti’s action, because the crisis goes on and on and many realized that he hasn’t got a magic wand to overcome it. The rise of Beppe Grillo's anti-bailout party and realization among Monti's backers that maybe a 'softer stance' towards challenging austerity policies remains the only way to keep their salaries leaves Italy's 'fiscal rigor' in question and with Europe's second largest debtload (and now rising costs of funding once again), the contagion continues (in risk markets and populist politicians)