Bernanke Reprises His Role As a Gold Bug's Best Friend

The initial reaction to the release of Bernanke's speech this morning was 'QE3 is on' and this was borne out perfectly in the data. TSYs rallied (with the short-end performing best), the USD dropped and with it commodities soared (though Oil stayed much more in sync with it than we have seen historically) and the nominal price of stocks jumped handsomely. What was most notable though was Gold's outperformance (and Silver given its high-beta juice) compared to other asset classes. Then as the US day session opened, Treasuries turned around with the whole curve rising in yield and the long-end steepening as the correlation-algos stepped in to pull the TSY complex back into a twist around the 10Y (10Y unch from 8amET, 30Y +2bps, 5Y -2bps and Mortgage spreads - which widened initially - are now back to unch from 8amET and well down on the day) and we note that the entire TSY complex is also now higher in yield from Friday's close. Oil and the USD have tracked sideways from the open and aside from a gap up around 10amET (on dismal data we assume locking in more QE hope), stocks have leaked back a little as volume faded. Gold (and Silver), however, have continued to surge - now over $1685 and at near two-week highs as once again the cleanest and largest impact of Bernanke's hint at further debasement is exemplified in the price of precious metals.



and the Treasury complex's reaction...


Charts: Bloomberg