Best Buy Best-est Dump

In the last two days, the venerable Best Buy has not only shot itself in the foot, but in the arm and leg - and potentially head too. Implicitly cutting hopes for a MBO-at-a-premium by hiring a new CEO (with de minimus turnaround experience), the company's earnings and conference call has confirmed that they will suspend their share repurchase scheme, reduced its annual earnings expectations, and has withdrawn guidance for fiscal 2013. As we warned the day of the Schulze-vaporware-MBO comment (which saw a spike from $17.63 to $23.55 at its highs that day) this was nothing but hot air and now it seems increasingly likely that not just the 68mm shares that Schulze owns now getting crushed 30% from those highs just over a week ago, but as AAPL has added a total BBY in market-cap this morning - and with the stock at near 10-year lows - we are afraid the commercial real-estate business will have some excess inventory very soon.


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