Biderman Sees Post-Facebook Euphoria Rally Fading Quickly To Dysphoria

Supply and Demand are what drive share prices in the stock market and Chrales Biderman of TrimTabs takes to task the plethora of complicating factors that are run in front of our eyes day after day on why we should be buying stocks. While he is short-term bullish, expecting a 2-3% jolt to stocks on post-Facebook IPO euphoria (as selling positions to fund the IPO allocation will fade), he remains medium-term bearish with an eye for being short stocks and long gold. His discussion of Stock Trading 101 is noteworthy and fits somewhat with our incessant annoyance at the money-on-the-sidelines ignorance that remains among so-called professionals who seem to remain ignorant of the closed-loop nature of buyers and sellers in the financial markets - leaving the important driver of market movements not earnings or macro-data explicitly but the buybacks (or lack thereof) of corporations (and money flow). An interesting alternate perspective.