BIG PIS: The CEO Of Europe's Most Troubled Bank, Dexia, Quits As Contagion Tsunami Sweeps Over Belgium

Just when we thought the world was running out of headlines, here come something that will send futures scurrying for even more safety. According to Belgian Nieuwsblad, the CEO of Belgium's biggest bank has just resigned. As a reminder, Dexia is the one European bank that in the 2008-2009 period borrowed more money from the Fed than anyone else, and which we have discussed on several occasions in the past few months as being rumored to be on the receiving end of a variety of liquidity "complications" and countreparty concerns. Typically rumors of that nature, coupled with the sudden departure of the CEO, end up being proven as fact shortly to quite shortly. In other news, we are happy to announce the expansion of the PIIGS to BIG PIS following the arrival of the latest country to join the sovereign and bank funding crisis.

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Stefaan Decraene, the chief executive of Dexia Bank Belgium, leave the company. That tells the time and is confirmed by Dexia. He is succeeded by Jos Clijsters.


Dexia's departure Decraene tonight confirmed in a press release. The bank also announced that it Jos Clijsters by the board of directors was appointed new CEO of Dexia Bank Belgium. "The experience of Jos Clijsters in the financial sector and his knowledge of Dexia guarantee the continuity and development of the bank to serve its customers," it sounds.


The new vice chairman of the executive Marc Lauwers, the board member responsible for the Belgian retail bank.


According to Time, there are "strong indications" that Decraene (46) will switch to the French financial giant BNP Paribas, the parent of Dexia's rival Fortis. Confirmation has not yet.


Not the first


The departure comes at a time when Dexia's very difficult, and the financial markets to deal with a growing crisis of confidence in investors and creditors. The departure of Decraene may be the result of tensions between the Belgian and French arm within the group. It's no secret that it was difficult to find Decraene the Frenchman Pierre Mariani, Dexia's CEO of the entire group.

Earlier this year already got several other executives of Dexia, including Xavier de Walque, financial director of Dexia Bank Belgium, and Wim Vermeir, an asset to the ancien Dexia Asset Management.

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