Bill Gross Insinuates The ECB's Upcoming LTRO Is Merely A Shell Game

It is one thing for irreverent blogs to call a spade a spade an accuse the ECB of engaging in ponzi operations, such as Wednesday's LTRO where the European central bank will give local banks money and hope and pray the use of proceeds is to purchase sovereign debt (something we said previously is very unlikely to happen). It is something totally different when the world's biggest bond fund manager makes the same tacit accusation by saying that all the ECB does is take from one hand and give to the other - a very efficient shell game. Such as what Bill Gross has just done in a tweet from mintues ago. So how are investors, we wonder, supposed to have any faith in bonds (forget equities - they have long given up on those), when even the members of the status quo systematically undermine confidence in the global pyramid scheme (not that we are complaining).