BIS FX/Gold "Intervention" Profiles - Before And After

Ten days ago, somewhat tongue in cheekly, we presented the "people bringing you currency manipulation on a daily basis" or in other words the BIS execution team for Europe's central banks, which is most directly engaged in FX and precious metals 'interventions' when needed. The execution chain we presented was headed by one Richard Austin Jones, head of central bank services at BIS, Basel, yet more importantly the actual trader at the bottom of the totem pole was a Mikaël Charozé, whose various tasks included the "management of the liquidity for big amounts" primarily interventions and portfolio diversification, as well as "holding and managing proprietary positions on all currencies including gold." We posted this on April 5. Funny then that just 10 days later, one would never know that Mikaël no longer counts "holding and managing proprietary positions on all currencies including gold" among his duties as well as task of "management of liquidity for big amounts including interventions". In fact his entire profile, since our little humorous exposes, appears to have been rather completely altered. Inquiring minds would love to know: why?

Before (as of April 5) - source. Note the highlighted activity descriptions.


And After - source. Note the lack of highlighted activity descriptions.