Buy Gold...schlager: Booze Inflation Highest In 20 Years

Americans can handle soaring rent, gas, and even food prices (all those thing that the Fed conveniently ignores) with the stoic patience of a Greek who welcomes 160 German tax collectors on his rehypothecated front porch. But if there is one thing that is sure to kindle the revolutionary spirits it is the soaring price of booze. As it just so happens, ships are parked in the Boston harbor with crates of Grey Goose prepped for tossage overboard as we speak. As the following chart of alcoholic beverage inflation indicates, courtesy of John Lohman, January saw the biggest month over month spike in booze inflation in 20 years. In other words, about 90% of all traders alive today have never seen a bigger jump in liquor inflation in their lives. Then again, with nobody trading any more, and since the new venue du jour of most of said now ex-traders is the local watering hole, perhaps we are seeing demand pull inflation in at least one item. Needless to say, there is something very ironic that surging alcohol inflation is the only thing that is resilient to the central banks (un)sterilized liquidity explosion. The good news: there is distinct relative deflation in the cost of ammunition. At least for the time being...


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