The Great Hyperinflationary Scavenger Hunt

In case of 'Helicopter Ben' failure, we are again reminded that there is a Plan Z. Recall that none other than the Chairman said in 2002:

"Keynes ... once semi-seriously proposed, as an anti-deflationary measure, that the government fill bottles with currency and bury them in mine shafts to be dug up by the public."

Below, courtesy of William Banzai is an artist's impression of what said scavenger hunt would look like. Will there be an 'app' for that? Maybe AAPL's new 3D Maps will enable the national treasure hunt? Long Shovels.


Rather than re-post the entire speech (which can be found here and should be read if for nothing else but to comprehend the 'genius' as Cashin noted earlier), the following word-cloud summarizes how important The Bernank sees the avoidance of 'deflation'.