CBO Finds Reid Plan Half A Trillion Short Of $2.7 Trillion Promised; Actual Cuts Are $375 Billion Over Ten Years

Yesterday, we roasted Boehner over his proposed deficit-cutting plan after it was discovered that it cut about $250 billion less than had been promised. Now it is time to do the same to Harry Reid, after the CBO has just released its analysis of his so-called "plan", which has double the credibility, and dollar, hole: per the CBO the plan will only generate $2.2 trillion in savings, half a trillion short of the promised $2.7 trillion. But wait, it gets far, far more idiotic. Per the CBO "The caps on appropriations of new budget authority excluding war-related funding start at $1,045 billion in 2012 and reach $1,228 billion in 2021" - that's right: savings from not fighting future wars - a cool trillion. But why stop there - savings from not declaring war on Mars: $1 quadrillion; savings from not paradropping suitcases full of $1 billion dollar bills for every US citizen: $333 quadrillion, and so forth. But wait: there's more: "The legislation also would impose caps of $127 billion for 2012 and $450 billion over the 2013-2021 period on budget authority for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and for similar activities." But wait, there' even more: "Savings in discretionary spending would amount to nearly $1.8 trillion, mandatory spending would be reduced by $41 billion, and the savings in interest on the public debt because of the lower deficits would come to $375 billion." Gotta love the circularity: less interest payments are part of the actual deficit cuts! So, here's the math: of the $2.2 trillion in "savings" strip away non-savings from non-authorized "wars" and you get... $750 billion... and take out the $375 billion in, no really, interest savings, and you get... $375 billion. OVER TEN YEARS! Is there a wonder why with idiotic leaders like this the true US rating is CCC at best?

Here is how the Reid plan looks in paper:

Source: CBO