To Celebrate Labor Day, Italian Unions Occupy Milan Stock Exchange

Three weeks ago we predicted that should the austerity in Italy be truly enacted, then the Syntagma square strikecam would have to be promptly carted out of Athens, and into Rome, where Michele Caruso Cabrera would have to wear a gas mask in some 5 star hotel high above the Piazza Navona. Well, for now the austerity has been delayed, but not for long: the ECB no longer wants to play ball with Berlusconi and even if it takes a complete government overthrow, massive spending cuts are at most months away. In the meantime however, the labor unions have decided to not wait, and in a first for the soon to be en-Greeced country, have occupied the Milan stock exchange. Since next steps from here are all too clear, prepare for yet another interesting overnight futures session, once electronic trading reopens in 3 hours.

h/t Toni Straka