Charting Hedge Funds' Abysmal 2011 Track Record And Mid-November Performance Update

2011 has not been good for hedge funds: as the following chart from Reuters shows, this will be the first year of many, possibly ever, in which the average hedge fund had a negative return, even as the broader market had a minimally positive return, although there are still a few more trading days in the year so the S&P could well close negative. No doubt this collapse in returns will be blamed on this and that, yet we can't help but wonder how in the "New Hedge Fund Normal" in which fundamentals no longer matter and alpha is irrelevant, in which what does matter is which central bank prints and how much and who can get more levered beta, in which "expert networks" and "information arbitrage" are a thing of the past, in which every phone conversation is tapped and in which your friendly state DA just wants to bust some hedge fund ass to make that governor bid easier, will hedge funds ever return to their old prominence? And if they can't, just what will happen to that ultra critical $2 trillion marginal purchasing power, levered 3 times, which has traditionally been the driving force for market moves higher? 

And a full mid-November hedge fund return update: