Charting The Un-BEAR-able Lightness Of Equity Analyst Credibility

While Mario Draghi has done wonders to expose his total and utter lack of credibility - no matter how much spin is pushed at us - it seems that equity analysts still (somewhat remarkably) move markets and remain credible in the eyes of what we assume is an entirely cognitively dissonant self-perpetuating market-structure in need of 'excuses'. To wit, the following chart, from Strategas, which illustrates perfectly the herd-like upward-biased and constant shift in year after year of S&P 500 earnings expectations that quickly and inexorably smashes lower in the face of the reality of a crushed credit cycle and 'whocouldanode' recessions/stagnations. It seems we (as investors) and they (as shills analysts) will never learn - or maybe we all will this time (as it's never different!).