China CPI Comes Hotter Than Expected At 6.5%: Highest Since June 2008

Following hotter than expected Chinese CPI, futures have taken another major, with ES now down 1.7%, same as the DJIA, and NQ down 1.8%. The reason: Chinese July CPI which came at 6.5%, hotter than the consensus 6.4%, and indicative that contrary to expectations, the politburo is still focusing purely on dealing with Bernanke's exported inflation. It also means that there will be no joy in Mudville and China will not serve as the much needed growth dynamo to push the entire world out of the re-depression. The breakdown in component shows that food inflation jumped 14.8% versus non-food inflation rising 2.9%. Elsewhere PPI came in line with expectations at 7.5%. "China’s rising inflation is likely short lived given falling food prices, especially pork," Bloomberg economist Michael McDonough says. True, however the much needed panacea for the overnight malaise that has gripped the world market is not forthcoming, and the ball is now squarely in the Chairsatan's court.