Complete Chinese War Preparedness And Military Update

Now that Keynesianism has failed (repeatedly and miserably, although certainly not during wartime - during those times it is curiously successful at 'stimulating'), and only those willfully blind refuse to see how this extended slow-motion collapse ends, below we present the latest, 2011 Edition, of the Annual report to Congress revealing "Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China" or, in short, everything that one needs to know to defend from and/or attack the world's most populous nation. For those short on time, here are the key charts.

The only Org Chart that matters:

Chinese Ground Forces:

Chinese Navy:

Chinese Airforce:

Chinese ICBM reach capabilities:

Chinese Missile balance:

and most importantly, strategic Chinese choke points:

And for those with insomnia, the full report:

2011 Cmpr Final