Complete YTD Hedge Fund Performance Summary

Pop quiz: What is the common theme among the following "best of breed" 2 and 20 (at least) hedge funds, whose YTD performance is presented below?


FundYTD Performance %
Owl Creek10.02%
Pershing Square9.35%
Contrarian Capital8.97%
Paulson Recovery8.90%
REIF B8.37%
Third Point6.41%
Silver Point5.85%
Cobalt 5.42%
Perry Partners5.32%
Viking Global5.09%
Paulson Credit4.93%
King Street 4.40%
Bluemountain Credit4.18%
Moore Macro3.06%
Tudor BVI2.96%
Brevan Howard Credit2.95%
Moore Global2.88%
Caxton Global2.84%
Brigade 2.60%
Brevan Howard Global2.18%
SABA -0.92%
Paulson Advantage -1.02%
Winton Futures-1.62%
Paulson Advantage  Plus-2.84%


If you said they have all underperformed the S&P through March 31, which was up 12.03%, you are right. Why? Because only those funds, such as pension and long-only dumb money, or those who are in the worst possible shape, get to benefit from Bernanke's central planning.

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