Credit-Equity Disconnect 101: Sears Distress Rises As CDS Soars By 700 bps To Over 2400.... While Stock Closes Higher

Yesterday when we discussed the imminent demise of Sears following the CIT liquidity withdrawal we said "ignore the stock price which is now purely a function of momo chasers in either direction, and just focus on the CDS." Sure enough, nowhere could we see a better example of just how unprecedented the disconnect between stocks and credit is than in Sears, which unfathomably saw its stock close higher on the day, following a grotesquely stupid market reaction to an announcement that Tepper was forced to buy SHLD stock (which as DealBook explained was an indication of liquidation, confirming that stocks are now purely traded on headline reaction without absolutely any insight into what is going on). Yet the real question is what is going on in CDS land, and what is going on is basically a confirmation that it is game over for the company: as the chart below shows, default swaps in the name are over 700 bps wider today, and have doubled in the past two days, closing the 11th at 1275 bps, and 48 hours later trading double, at 2432 bps. Expect the stock, once it can be shorted again when Tepper has no choice but to release it from HTB state, to plummet quite shortly as the reality dawns for even the momos.

Source: BBG