CTRL+SPIN: Ben Bernanke Concludes The Fed Propaganda Tour

Today at 12:45pm will be the 4th and final lecture given by the CTRL+P spinmaster himself to young and easily impressionable GW students. The propaganda tour will conclude as Ben shares his views on the "The Aftermath of the Crisis" where we will most certainly learn that the primary consequence is a parabolically rising global balance sheet, where $7 trillion in excess liquidity has been dumped in the world in the past 5 years by the big 5 central banks. That and the fact that virtually all energy commodities are trading at or near all time records. We will likely also learn that while it is speculators' fault that gas is at an all time high for this time of year, it is not speculators fault that the S&P is at a 4 year high. In fact, we will learn a whole lotta stuff that those who took the red pill some time ago, may have forgotten. Watch it live below.

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