The Daily Show Correspondents Explain The Economy

Just over a month ago, the intrepid correspondents from The Daily Show set out on a mission to educate the US public on what exactly 'The Economy' is all about. In their inimitable style they chose five topics to summarize such a broad subject: Banks; Wall Street; Recessions & Depressions; Trickle-Down Economics; and Economists. The challenge as always is to guess where the satire ends and the truth begins as so much of the following five clips is scarily close to the truth.

The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Banks

Banks are like Giant F##k-You Machines...




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Wall Street

Wall Street is a magical place full of douche-bags and where all the super-villains live - you think it's a freeze-ray but no, its a CDS.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Recessions & Depressions

A recession is when times are tough - a depression is the reason why your grandpa yells at you when you use more than one piece of toilet paper at a time.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Trickle-Down Economics

Rock solid theory: "when its raining, people don't like to shop". The rich are above us, and if they drink from the fountain of wealth for long enough, then eventually some of that wealth will trickle out in a golden shower of prosperity.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Economists

Why they are more than just nerdy, high-panted economic yodas with no accountability - and it really doesn't matter if they are right or if they are wrong.