Do What Buffett Says, Not What He Does

As can be seen in the attached clip Warren Buffett, as part of his anti money tirade, both real (gold) and fiat, the Chairman of Berkshire is certainly not a fan of holding cash in any form. To wit: "cash is as risky an asset you can own over time." In other words, the opportunity cost of not owning something else with that cash is indicative of even more risk in the equities arena. So one wonders: is the fact that Buffett's firm now has a record amount of cash on its books more an example of senility or hypocrisy.... Or is all hell about to break loose as per Buffett's own words? We can't decide.


Compare the oracular words He spaketh in today's interview with Becky 'not-so' Quick - forward to 2:30 for the punchline on cash...


with the sad reality of BRK's own balance sheet exuberance with the highly risky cash...


To give CNBC their credit, their was one lone voice in the darkness. Gary Kaminsky pointed out this apparent hypocrisy this morning but alas the powers-that-be at the business channel felt videos of Zuck's arrival and 'The Avengers' reviews were more appropriate.

Chart: Bloomberg


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