ECB Monetizes €14.3 Billion In Insolvent Peripheral Debt Last Week; €111 Billion In Total

Following last week's €22 billion in secondary market bond purchases, this week we get a new total of €14.291 billion in settled Italian and Spanish bonds monetized: the third highest weekly total ever, bringing the cumulative total E110 billion. This follows on the heels of the BOJ intervening (or not) in the JPY market and the SNB buying 1 month CHF futures (leverage, leverage, leverage). What can one say but free, efficient, and central-bank free markets as far as they eye can see. Also guess what will happen when political pressures push the ECB to stop monetizing: all the moves tighter will be unwound in a manner of nanoseconds, and then a whole lot of "some."

From the European Central-planning Bureaucrats:

As announced by the Governing Council on 10 May 2010, the ECB conducts specific operations in order to re-absorb the liquidity injected through the Securities Markets Programme (SMP). In this regard, the ECB will carry out a quick tender on 23 August at 11.30 in order to collect one-week fixed-term deposits with settlement day on 24 August. A variable rate tender with a maximum bid rate of 1.50% will be applied and the ECB intends to absorb an amount of EUR 110.5 billion. The latter corresponds to the size of the SMP, taking into account transactions with settlement on or before Friday 19 August, rounded to the nearest half billion. As the SMP transactions which settled last week were of a volume of EUR 14,291 million, the rounded settled amount - and the intended amount for absorption accordingly - increased to EUR 110.5 billion. The benchmark allotment amount in MROs takes into account the liquidity effect of non-standard measures, assuming an unchanged size of the SMP and full sterilisation of this amount via the above mentioned liquidity-absorbing operation. Fixed term deposits held with the Eurosystem are eligible as collateral for the Eurosystem's credit operations. The ECB intends to carry out another liquidity-absorbing operation next week.