ECB Steps In With Fifth Market Rescue In A Row

Following four straight days of market intervention by the ECB through Italian BTP purchases, the European central bank, defiant of all market logic, decided to make it five out of five and once again stepped in with some modest buying in Italian bonds just as they were on the verge of taking out the Friday post-intervention support. Telegraphed buying also pushed up the EURUSD in the premarket session and sent the futures to the pre-opening highs. Granted this is nothing more than just another very short-term fix. What is is quite obvious, is that despite the relentless interventions by the ECB (and central planners around the world), a takeout of the 91 level on the 10 Years (and 6%+ corresponding yield) is a given, after which there is no technical support. By then a far, far bigger EFSF better be ready for deployment. Alas, it won't be.


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