The Economic Collapse For Dummies

If last week's 74-page all-encompassing thesis on "how 'everything' is interconnected and headed for 'complete systemic disintegration'" is a little too much, here is a 10 minute clip that ties together all the loose ends of the reality bubbling just beneath the veneer of hope that so many call our markets. A spectacular gathering of all things bearish that provides everything you wanted to know about the inevitability of a major economic collapse but were afraid to ask: a little too doom and gloomish perhaps, but sadly that does not make it improbable, especially in the current environment where the central planners keep doing the same over and over, hoping that just once "this time will be different." From demographic trends, over-leveraging, corporate profit extremes, deflationary impacts, and hyperinflationary reflexivity- there's a little here for everyone on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Beyond the epic first two minutes of Tice and Dent battling it out for doomiest of all, the thesis gets going...

(h/t Future Money Trends)