In Eerie Replay Of 2011, Gold Spikes Abruptly To Over $1770, Silver Follows

Day after day, the long overdue correction of gold to fair value which as we have discussed previously, is now at about $2000 based on the recent multi-trillion Central Bank balance sheet expansion, keeps getting delayed, providing cheap entry points to all real money adherents. And then we get moments like the past 10 minutes, when gold goes on the same kinds of buying sprees that we remember best from the summer of 2011. With no news at all, in a span of minutes, both gold and silver have soared, with gold touching on $1772, and now about $150 away from its all time highs. The return of gold now is 13% YTD, compared to the far lower 8.4% return for the general market. Why the move? A big buyer obviously. But besides that, why the hell not - when one considers that the last time gold was over $1900, total central bank assets were $2 trillion less, it is a miracle gold is not far, far higher. The catalyst this time according to some is the "sudden realization" that in one week the ECB's balance sheet is about to increase by at least 20% courtesy of the latest and greatest LTRO. According to others, it is "more buyers than sellers." Both are right. As a reminder: we have warned repeatedly that the massive balance sheet expansion is spilling over out from equities and into everything else, including gas and now, gold. We pointed out that the biggest trade off of a soaring market could well be the one thing that derails Obama's presidential campaign. Now the only other thing that could stop central bankers from their CTRL+P frenzy - the surge in real money - is starting, and unlike 2011, it is starting quite early this time around. As we said over the weekend: inflation is a-coming back.


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