Egan Jones Downgrades Italy From BB+ To BB, Projects 157% Debt/GDP By 2014

In the face of ponzi-enabling status quo adversity, Sean Egan is not one to mince his words. Sure enough, here comes today's downgrade of Italy from BB+ to BB, an event which has reminded BTPs, if not stocks for now, just what reality is. From the report: "La Acido Vita - from La Dolce Vita, life in Italy has become sour of late; even without the concerns about Greece, Italy is in miserable shape. Over the past 3 fiscal years, total debt has grown by 14.3% while GDP has shrunk by 2.4%. The annual government deficit of EUR68B and the debt to GDP of 119% place additional pressure on credit quality. Furthermore, Italy will probably have to  provide additional support to its banks and will see some pressure on its economy. We expect that Italy's banks will continue turning to the ECB and Italy for support. In 2012, the Republic of Italy needs to finance EUR320B of debt and is likely to experience increasing yields and restricted access without external  intervention. As of this weekend the yields on the 6 month notes were 6.5%; rates have been rising despite ECB purchases. The major issue is whether the IMF will become involved and if so, whether the face value of the debt will be cut. Italy cannot support all of its debt." And what is probably worse is that according to what are likely very optimistic projections, EJ sees Italian debt/GDP rising from 127% in 2011 to 157% in two years. Indicatively, the cutoff ratio for a CCC-rated sovereign credit in Egan Jones' view is 150% debt/GDP. Say hello to the triple hooks.

Full report can be found here.