Egan Jones On Europe's EUR2.5 Trillion Hole

Sean Egan, of Egan Jones, appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning to pay penance for his truthiness and daring to open investor's eyes to the reality we are facing. The two main topics of discussion were the European crisis and of course Jefferies. Egan hushes the CNBCers when he describes the three solutions for Europe's problems - which really boils down to one of restructuring and/or printing when faced with reality - and points to a EUR2.5tn hole that needs to be filled at least. Of course, the discussion of Europe's sovereign shackles led to demands from the Kernan, Sorkin, and MCC for their pound of flesh over Egan's call on JEF but the rater defended his call with simple logic as another guest host questioned how Egan expects JEF's business model to be viable at lower than 13x leverage - great question.