Elijah Cummings Is First Political Muppet To Issue Goldman Op-Ed Response

It was literally a matter of hours following the release of the now historic Greg Smith "Muppets" Op-Ed, before the true criminals enabling the slow motion trainwreck of the Keynesian klepto-fascist experiment became heard. Sure enough, here is Elijah Cumming indicating he has the most to gain by scapegoating a firm that between Vampire Squids and Muppets is slowly being mocked into the same relevancy as an HR Giger petting zoo.

Washington, D.C. (Mar. 14, 2012) – Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, released the following statement in reaction to an op-ed by former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith that described the company’s culture as “toxic and destructive”: 


“Even after Goldman received a $10 billion taxpayer bailout and paid the largest SEC settlement in history for misleading its investors, it still hasn’t learned the lessons of the 2008 financial collapse, according to this insider. Putting its short-term corporate profits before the interests of its own investors and clients is exactly what helped cause the economic collapse and what continues to corrode Wall Street.”

In other news not a single Congressional or Senatorial muppet (a term Zero Hedge used long before the reverend Mr. Smith) announced today they will henceforth not accept any bribes, pardon, donations from Wall Street and/or corporate America. Or in this case, the same Transportation unions that received a far greater than $10 billion bailout as part of the GM "reorganization" (make that $16 billion) that made a mockery of contract law even more than the Greek bankruptcy.

Source: OpenSecrets


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