"English Law; Negative Pledge" - How To Hedge A Spanish Bond Short

Now that the Spanish bond market has realized it has just been primed by senrio debt, the next steps are straight from our Subordination 101 walkthru. Which means sell Spanish local low bonds, go long English-law, preferably, those with a negative pledge. Of course, the presence of a negative pledge is precisely the loophole that will allow Finland, and soon others, to demand a security interest in the event of priming (such as an ESM-sourced loan) which at last check, is precisely what they are doing assuming the EFSF is used to temporarily source the loan until the ESM takes over. So here is a good example of a bond, courtesy of the Generalitat de Catalunya Euro Medium Term Note Programme, that one should hedge a general basket of local-law Spanish bond shorts.

Source: Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) EUR 9,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme