EUR Plunges In Thin Market, Below 1.3000

While it is unclear what just spooked the EURUSD, sending it lower by 70 pips in minutes, perhaps a better question is why the EURUSD is not thousands of pips lower to begin with. As a reminder every single large bank is pushing for a lower EURUSD on hopes that a EUR collapse will kill the market and send the ECB scurrying into printing money. The problem there is that the ECB just announced its balance sheet expanded to EUR 2.73 trillion, an expected increase of over EUR 200 billion in one week (since the LTRO), and a whopping EUR 800 billion in 6 months (that's $1.1 trillion... in six months)! As such, good luck selling to the Germans on the ECB board that EUR 1.6 trillion annualized is insufficient. Lastly, and as a reminder, here is the only correlation that matters in 2012.