EUR Shorts Collapse By 35% In Two Months, Down 10% In One Week

By now even 5 year olds know that the one asset class driving the general stock market is the highly leverageable EURUSD: where the core pair goes, everything else follows, especially if the direction is up (when the EURUSD slides lately it is assumed to be a confirmation that the ECB will print; when it goes up, the agreed upon explanation is that more Fed easing is imminent). As such a key variable has been the amount of net shorts in the pair, as exposed every week by the CFTC in its COT report. And where two months ago, the net short position in the EUR hit an all time record, north of -200K contracts, in the interim this number has contracted by over a third, and as of minutes ago was revealed to be "just" 139K in the week ending July 31, a 10% drop in shorts in one week. Why is this important? Because while short covering rallies have long been yet another narrative to keep shorts on the sidelines, the probability of such an event has declined dramatically now that the bulk of the weak hands have been kicked out, and the net exposure is back to January 2012 levels. In other words, 8 months later we have completed one full shorting circle when it comes to the euro., which however now is 700 pips lower than where it was back then. The Jack in the Box potential of further squeezing is rapidly declining with every move such as today's when no news and mere rumor drives the pair up by 200 pips (only to be faded of course).